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Patron Falls in McDonald’s Parking Lot, Restaurant Owner Joseph Fix Held liable for $243,750
 Joseph Fix owned and operated a McDonald’s fast-food franchise in Charlotte, Michigan. The franchise was placed in a corporation (C.H.A.D. Enterprises, Inc.) of which he was the sole shareholder. However, when a patron fell in the parking lot, this did not stop the injured party from suing Mr. Fix individually. The fall occurred when the patron got out of his truck and walked to the front of the truck to check his radiator. The patron did not notice a change in grade between the lot on which the McDonald’s parking lot was situated and the neighboring lot. The patron fell a short distance off of a retaining wall and injured his knee, requiring surgery and some rehabilitation time. As a result of the accident, the patron, who was employed as a U.S. postal worker, missed five months of work. The postal worker sued several defendants, including Mr. Fix individually. Some of the defendants were released from the suit, but Mr. Fix was not. The plaintiff at one point offered to settle for $90,000, but the defendants refused to settle. The case went to trial and the jury returned a verdict against Mr. Fix and his franchise in an amount of $243,750, plus court costs and attorney fees. That’s a lot of burgers! (Hunt v. C.H.A.D. Enterprises, Inc., 183 Mich. App. 59; 454 N.W.2d 188 (Ct. App. Mich. 1990)
Drunken Driver Only 35% Responsible for his Actions; Outback Steakhouse
On July 21, 1997, William J. Whitaker attended a party at the Muncie, Ind., Outback Steakhouse to celebrate the restaurant’s grand opening. Whitaker stayed for more than three hours, drinking either free or ten-cent cocktails while he was there. After leaving in his car, Whitaker crossed the center line on Delaware County Road 500-N in Indiana and collided nearly head-on with a motorcycle being driven by David Markley, a 37 year old welder. Markley’s wife, Lisa, 31 and unemployed at the time, was riding on the back of the motorcycle. Both plaintiffs were injured in the accident. Whitaker did not stop at the scene, but was later apprehended. He was sentenced to one year of home detention and two years of probation. The Markleys sued Outback Steakhouse under the state Dram Shop Act. The jury found Outback 65% at fault and non-party Whitaker 35% at fault. They found combined damages to the Markleys of $60 million. Outback will pay $39 million.

Unexpected benefits from security technology
Many of the security technologies that will be most meaningful to foodservice operators in the months ahead are transformational in nature and will reshape the way they deal with guests and employees, speakers told attendees at the recent 15th Annual FSTEC conference and showcase held in Long Beach, California. The topic of technology and security came up more than once during FSTEC, including during the “Video and Audio Surveillance Technologies” panel presentation, which touched on systems that rely heavily on the Internet or related technology, such as private Internet Protocol networks.
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How should I approach installing a new security system?
Advances in digital technology within the security industry are driving today's convergence mania. For example, options abound in security audio video surveillance, particularly the choice between traditional and IP technology.
More choices offer greater flexibility for both the buyer and the seller, but these same choices can sometimes introduce confusion, complexity and doubt into the process. I have learned from years of experience that some “old school” training is still relevant in today's IT-centric world. Some of the best preparation for the buying/selling process involves answering these tried-and-true questions:
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