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The Slip & Fall Scam, When Will It End..............Or Will It?
Questionable slip-and-fall claims on rise nationally Insurance claims tied to suspicious slip-and-fall incidents are on the rise
across the United States, and the poor economy may be motivating some people to stage intentional tumbles in the hopes of cashing in, according to industry data and experts. Ohio saw a decrease in questionable claims linked to slips and falls last year, according to a recent study, but the Miami Valley continues to produce some questionable claims, and many local businesses are sued each year after
patrons take a tumble.

Caught on Tape: Phony Falls that Cost You Money
Insurance fraud involving property and casualty claims has become big business - Costing American consumers an estimated $30 billion ayear. ABC News reports one ofthe fastest-growing scams involves slipping and falling on purpose. ABC correspondent Elizabeth Leamy reports:

You want fries with that?
McDonald's is on the wrong side of an Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision that allowed a woman's slip-and-fall lawsuit to proceed McDonald's just got tripped up by a slip-and-fall plaintiff in a case of fast food and slow justice. Some lucky legal timing and a favorable decision Thursday by the state Supreme Judicial Court are letting a woman who slipped on an icy parking lot proceed with a lawsuit against McDonald Restaurant of Massachusetts.Mercilla Lindor, who lives in Virginia, fell in 2007 outside a Massachusetts MacDonald’s during nasty weather. She broke her foot. Lindor alleged the situation was so bad that while lying on the ground, she saw a pedestrian fall to his knees. A medical crew eventually asked McDonald’s employees to salt the area — just as road crews had already done on nearby streets.Unfortunately for Lindor, a judge dismissed her complaint at the request of MacDonald Restaurant of Massachusetts on the grounds that property owners could not be held liable for acts of nature.The judge issued the order on July 22, 2010. A clerk recorded the order in the docket on July 28, 2010.
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Denny’s shooting victims awarded $46M
February 8, 2011 | By Lisa Jennings A jury has awarded $46 million to plaintiffs in a case involving a 2007 shooting at a Denny’s restaurant near Seattle, after finding the family-dining company negligent for not adequately protecting its customers and employees. The award, delivered late Monday from a 12-person jury in King County Superior Court after a four-week trial, is a record amount for personal injury cases in Washington State. The jury had deliberated for four days. Denny’s insurance company has negotiated a settlement that reduced the award payment to $13 million in exchange for an agreement from Denny’s to not appeal the verdict, which would likely have tied the case up for several years. In a statement issued Tuesday, Denny’s officials said, “We continue to believe that this tragedy was the result of a random act of violence that could not have been foreseen or prevented by the company or its local restaurant personnel. “We understand that our insurance carrier chose to enter into a settlement for a much lower amount in the interest of bringing closure to this matter,” the statement continued. “Our sympathies have always been with the victims of this senseless act and we hope the best for them in the future.” Most of the $13 million will go to Steve Tolenoa, a 31-year-old Kent, Wash., resident who was paralyzed from the chest down after a gunman shot randomly into the busy Denny’s dining room in January 2007.
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Bank robbery at the Santa Barbara Bank
Sheriff's Detectives Release Photos of Bank Robbery Suspect Goleta - May 27th, 2011 At approximately 10:11am on Friday, May 27, 2011, Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a report of a bank robbery at the Santa Barbara Bank and Trust on the 5000 block of Hollister Avenue in the City of Goleta. According to witnesses, a man had walked into the bank, threatened a teller, and demanded money. The man was given an undisclosed amount of cash before he exited the bank and walked westward on Hollister. No one was hurt in the incident. Shortly afterward, Sheriff’s deputies were told that a subject matching a description of the suspect was seen in the lobby of the Heritage House, an assisted living facility next door to the bank. However, he was not there when deputies searched the facility. Sheriff’s deputies and detectives also searched the nearby area, but did not find the suspect who is described as a white male, 20-to-40 years old, 5’ 10” to 6’ 2” in height, average build, clean cut, wearing a dark blue suit with a white collared shirt, no tie and a skull cap similar to a yarmulke. Sheriff’s detectives are releasing several surveillance images taken during the time of the crime in the hope that they lead to the identification of the suspect. Anyone with information that may be helpful to this investigation is asked to call Sheriff’s detectives at (805) 681-4150 or the Sheriff’s Anonymous Tip Line at (805) 681-4171. For more information regarding news related issues please contact Drew Sugars, Public Information Officer. Business Hours: (805) 681-4100
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Trammell Crow Hit with $6.6 Million Verdict
Negligent Security Mall Manager Hit with $6.6 Million Verdict for Shooting Death in Front of Movie House The wife and estate of a man who was shot and killed in front of a movie house were awarded $6.6 million against the management company responsible for providing security at the mall. Luis Robert Gutierrez and his wife were leaving a movie when he was gunned down. The plaintiffs sued Trammell Crow Central Texas Ltd., claiming that it failed to provide visible security, which would have a “scarecrow” effect on criminals, and had only one off-duty officer patrolling the entire premises. Trammell argued that although no security presence was visible, the security was adequate for the area. (Gutierrez v. Trammell Crow Central Texas Ltd.)
Walgreens pharmacy Settles Suit for $750,000
Pharmacy Settles Suit for $750,000 for Criminal Acts of One Customer Against Other Customer. Walgreens settled a negligent-security claim brought against it for $750,000. Arthur Fendelander, then 42, entered a Walgreens in Linden, N.J., and bumped into an unidentified male customer. Fendelander said, “Excuse you” and proceeded to the pharmacy section. Less than 10 minutes later, the customer tracked him down and beat him unconscious. He was in a coma for four days before he died. His estate and wife sued Walgreens, claiming more security was required because of previous crimes nearby and that employees should have promptly called the police. Walgreens maintained that it had no duty to provide security guards and that even if police had been called immediately, there was insufficient time for them to respond and prevent the incident. (Estate of Fendelander v. Walgreens Pharmacy)



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